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Welcome! For 30 years now, Casado Vapor Homes has been constructing manufactured homes in plants located in four southern US states. Casado’s construction teams are highly experienced in many types of manufactured homes so each unit built for and delivered to you is top quality, worthy to be called home.


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The Pros of Acquiring Manufactured Homes

Manufactured homes like traditional ones have their distinct advantages. Find out why they’re preferred by some home buyers.

Protection from outdoor elements

Traditionally built homes are exposed to heat, cold, water, dust, and other elements while construction is ongoing. Materials used for construction are more prone to the effects of moisture and heat. Manufactured homes, on the other hand, are built indoors. Materials used are kept in warehouses so these do not run the risk of damage due to exposure.

Less expensive

Manufactured homes are less expensive than same sized traditional homes. According to an expert builder, these homes are normally priced 20 percent less than those homes built on the site because they are built within a controlled environment. Of course, costing will be affected depending on the builder and the distance to be covered when transporting these homes.

Made of durable materials

Manufactured homes are built to withstand being transported from work site to buyer’s site. Builders use jigs, lag bolts, and other materials that ensure durability. These materials are sometimes skipped by builders of traditional homes.

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Considerations Before Remodeling a Manufactured Home

What should you keep in mind when planning to renovate a manufactured home? Let’s take a look.

Go for inexpensive remodeling route

Manufactured homes are priced less so avoid major makeovers. If the need to remodel is for aesthetic reasons, go for inexpensive methods. Repainting is one example. Adding vinyl flooring, kitchen countertops, or cabinets are also practical considerations.

Upgrade with energy-efficient items

Adding energy-efficient items to your manufactured home definitely, adds value to it. Moreover, you’ll be saving so much on utilities. Energy-efficient doors and windows that provide added insulation can greatly curb expenses on the use energy for cooling and heating.

Determine the age of your home

Manufactured homes that are older than 25 years aren’t good candidates for expensive remodeling. Lenders disapprove home loans where the property to be purchased was constructed before 1976. Make sure yours isn’t within this age range when going for a serious or extensive remodeling.

Remember, choosing which part of your manufactured home needs remodeling must be given careful thought. Go for what is practical yet adds value to your home.

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Inspiring Manufactured Homes

Casado Vapor Homes has been in the business of constructing affordable manufactured homes since 1987.


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